Podcast Testing: The Convention for the Extension of Hong Kong Territory

Whereas it had for many years past been recognized that an extension of Hong Kong territory is necessary for the proper defence and protection of the Colony,
It has now been agreed between the Governments of Great Britain and China that the limits of British territory shall be enlarged under lease to the extent indicated generally on the annexed map. The exact boundaries shall be hereafter fixed when proper surveys have been made by officials appointed by the two Governments. The term of this lease shall be ninety-nine years.

Podcast 測試:展拓香港界址專條



美國一所財務顧問公司,每年都會按聖誕歌 Twelve Days of Christmas 歌詞內提及的各項禮物,計算每年購買或者僱用所有禮物的價格。
今年的總消費是27,673.22 美元(折合214,762.17港元),而如果要按歌詞唱出的次序來購買所有禮物1,就需要116,273.08 美元(折合902,354.68港元)。

  1. 即共364項禮物 

The making of candy canes by hand at Lofty Pursuits